Our Mission

The OMA’s mission is to improve the community of the Greater Orillia area by helping local manufacturers improve their capabilities, competitiveness and sustainability.

  • Promote the benefits of the local manufacturing sector and its importance to the community
  • Work with local governments and politicians to develop a climate that supports existing manufacturing and encourages planned sustainable economic growth in the Greater Orillia area
  • Demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism & respect in all we do
  • Provide members the value added training, learning activities and help when and where they want it
  • Maintain an agenda that is industry driven & supported by local economic development partners
  • Make it easy for local manufacturing leaders to share, learn from others, & cooperate towards common goals
  • Help each other when we can
  • We all “give a little” to get back “a lot more”
  • Effectively communicate every possible networking opportunity
  • Recognize and celebrate successes where appropriate and routinely learn from our efforts
  • Use an “On-line” communication strategy to make it as easy as possible for all